Sermons from May 2021 (Page 3)

Sermons from May 2021 (Page 3)

Building Believers

Acts 2:42-43And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Then fear came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles. We continue on our Series on Kingdom Disciple-makers. Two weeks ago we were taught on how to win the lost and our focus this week is on Building Believers. It is not enough to win people to Christ. After being won to Christ, people must…

主日证道预告:严厉的警告 | 马可福音(44) 2021-05-16

简介 讲题:严厉的警告 经文:马可福音 9:42-50 讲员:李洁人 牧师 马可福音9:42-50的这段经文耶稣好像用了一些非常严厉甚至是可怕的用词:凡使这信我的一个小子跌倒的、倒不如把大磨石拴在这人的颈项上、扔在海里。倘若你一只手叫你跌倒、就把他砍下来。你缺了肢体进入永生、强如有两只手落到地狱、入那不灭的火里去。倘若你一只脚叫你跌倒、就把他砍下来。你瘸腿进入永生、强如有两只脚被丢在地狱里。倘若你一只眼叫你跌倒、就去掉他。你只有一只眼进入神的国、强如有两只眼被丢在地狱里。 可是在现实生活中,我们好像没有看到教会如此行的。耶稣不是说:有了我的命令有遵守的,那人便是有福的吗?为什么我们有了命令又不去行呢?难道,我们是选择性地去遵行主的命令吗? 这个主日上午,我们就会针对这段经文作详尽地讲解。 主日崇拜入口 每周日上午08:30上线 1. BICF官网:  2.微信服务平台(WeChat: IMSFUWUHAO) 3. Facebook关注:IMSchurch 4. Youtube关注:IMS Church

Praise-Because He Lives / 因祂活着 / 살아계신 주

[Because He Lives / 因祂活着 / 살아계신 주] Music&Lyrics/词&曲/작사&작곡: W.GaitherMain Vocal/歌手/메인보컬: Hesed KimChorus/副歌/코러스: Steven Roh, Yerim Ha, Junhee Han, Jieun Park, Nakhyun Park, Sarang YukCamera&Editing/摄影&编辑/카메라&편집: Haneul Kim verse 1) God sent His son, they called Him Jesus 神差爱子,祂名叫耶稣 주 하나님 독생자 예수 He came to love, heal and forgive 祂赐下爱、医治、宽恕 날 위하여 오시었네 He lived and died to buy my pardon 死里复活,使我得自由 내 모든 죄 다 사하시고 An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives 那空坟墓就是我的救得记号 무덤에서 부활하신…

God’s Righteous People

ISAIAH 58:6-7 6“Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke? 7Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?” The Israelites thought fasting would give them some leverage against God:…

Sacrificial Love

1 Corinthians 13:4 (NIV)4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Happy Mother’s Day! Mothers are known to be sacrificially in loving their children. They can do anything for them. What is Sacrificial Love?1. SACRIFICIAL LOVE IS GRACIOUS2. SACRIFICIAL LOVE PUTS OTHERS FIRST3. SACRIFICIAL LOVE PRODUCES SELF CONTROL4. SACRIFICIAL LOVE REJOICES WITH THE TRUTH5. SACRIFICIAL LOVE NEVER GIVE UP