BICF Wangjing

BICF Wangjing

Wangjing Fellowship of BICF started as a Russian Fellowship back in 2005 with the vision to reach out to the Russian speakers with the Gospel and grace of God.

In 2017 the Russian Fellowship became more international group with many foreigners and got a vision to become international Wangjing Fellowship with English as the language of instruction. We still have Russian speakers who can use English fluently.

We are a small group of faithful disciples of Christ who want to share His love and vision to everyone around. Currently we have people from different nations with the same passion and vision from God.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have been gathering online 3 Sundays a month and one Sunday we gather for lunch and service, it works well for us. We have small groups where people meet together for prayer and Bible study.

If you are interested to attend please call 13391905773 for more details.