Equipping Centre

Equipping Centre

Maximizing Your Potential

We offer Affordable, Accredited, Internationally recognized Seminary Programs. Our lecturers and teachers are both academically credentialed and actively involved in cross-cultural ministry.

We provide flexible schedules and training with opportunities for service in the local church setting. Students are able to fulfill their ministerial goals without interrupting their current employment, family and ministry commitments.

Credits are transferrable to most seminaries in the world.
Courses are ATA (Asian Theological Association) or NCA (North Central Association) accredited.
ATA is the Evangelical highest accreditation for ministries studies in Asia.

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Programs offered:

1. Masters in Christian studies (available in English and Chinese)

2. Masters in Intercultural Studies (English only)

3. Bachelor in Theology (available in English and Chinese)

4. Doctor in Ministry (English only)

You can also audit any of the courses for personal enrichment. No homework required. Audit fee applies. No walk-ins are allowed.

BA/MA Class Schedule

Registration policy & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – click here

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Equipping Center FAQs

Registration policy & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our goals?

BICF launched the MA/BA/Dmin Seminary classes as a service to our members, to meet the need for seminary theological training that is recognized worldwide due to the transient nature of our members.
We are committed to training students in character, skills, and mind.
We are committed to the triple training concepts of the HEAD (academic lectures), HANDS (skills through doing ministry), and HEART (skills through guided coaching and mentoring).

What is the accreditation of this school?

The seminary is ATA (Asian Theological Association) and NCA (North Central Association) accredited.

How many degree programs and what levels are available?

2 degree programs:
‐ MA Intercultural (Great Commission Studies‐English only)
‐ BA or Masters of Christian Studies (English and Chinese)

– Doctor in Ministry (English)

How will this degree benefit a foreigner living in China?

It will help foreigners understand the dynamics of living, working, and ministering in a foreign country or culture. Solutions, case studies, and experiences will be given.

What happens if I leave China? Can I continue the degree?

The degree can be continued in various ways: online, correspondence, flying to China for modular classes. A degree cannot be completed only by correspondence or online. These classes are transferable in most cases. The seminary must be contacted for correspondence or online courses to ensure that they are still available.

How can the BA (Bachelors) and MA (Masters) credit be given for the same class?

Students on both degree levels can study together in the same class with the same teacher. The BA students will have shorter assignments than MA students. Audit students will have no assignments, though they are encouraged to do assignments.

What is the non credit‐audit program?

Audit and non‐degree seeking students study for their own personal spiritual knowledge and growth. Audit students must present application at least one week before class starts so the applicant can be reviewed. Submitting an application does not guarantee entrance into the program.

How long should it take to finish the program?

The time table for graduation can be quicker or slower depending on:
‐ How many classes you take a year at the BICF
‐ How many online or correspondences classes you take.

What are your goals for studying at the MBTS BICF extension?

You need to set goals. Otherwise you will study for a LONG time. Is it:
• To gain some skills, but not take classes for credit or pursue a degree? (Audit)
• To gain some skills for credit, but you do not want a certificate or degree?
• To gain skills and gain a certificate or degree?

How many classes are offered a year?

A minimum of 4 classes each year at BICF for each degree program. Most years there will be more than four classes for each major. Classes for the Christian Studies program will be offered in addition to the classes for the Intercultural program. Also students can use online/correspondence classes. More on‐site classes may be offered as the number of student increases.

What is the minimum enrollment for each class?

A minimum of 6 students are required for each class. Fewer students than this may result in the class being canceled. No class has been canceled so far.

What are basic information regarding the classes?

BA/MA in Christian Studies (MCS)
(MA‐64 credit hours/21classes and extra non GPA seminars)
(BA-116 credit hours)

• Timeline of study in order to graduate 4 years with the MA in Christian Studies. 7 classes, 1 seminar, and coaching experience.
• 3 years you need to take (for MA): 10 classes, 1‐2 seminars, and coaching experience.
• 2.5 years you need to take (for MA): 14 classes, 2 seminars, and coaching experience. Classes differ every year.

Coaching/mentoring only needs to be done for 1.5 years or the equivalent of 3 semesters. If there are students who have a number of years of fulltime ministry or extensive experience, their individual case can be discussed with seminary staff. Coaching is planned for 8 peer small group meetings a year. Individual coaching can be done, but that is not in place at this time. Most peer coaching groups will be between Sept and early June. Some aspects of coaching may change as specialize staff are available to help in this area.

The BA degree is longer and we would need to sit with you individually and discuss this. These three options are possible if you take Chinese, English courses at the BICF, as well as online and correspondence courses. If you are bilingual there may be no need to take any correspondence or online courses. You can take classes from both programs.

It is recommended that you take a minimum of 5 classes a year. Then you can stay on at least a 4 year plan for graduating with an MA. Try to take required courses for your degree program first. Some required courses can only be offered once every 2‐3 years. Take electives first only if the subject is of special interest to you.

How much time and assignments are required for each 2 hour class?

MA (Masters)
a) Read two textbooks.
b) Write one term paper, journal, test or activity required by the instructor.
c) Carry out shorter assignments required by the instructor.
d) Enroll in the next class, 60‐90 days ahead of the first lecture. There is also a need for 60 days in advance to order textbooks.
e) This will give you time to do pre‐class assignments if you manage your time wisely. (30 hours in class for 2 credit hours. An estimate of 10 hours to read the textbooks. 30 hours for assignments and study. Some students will require more time than others.)

BA (Bachelors)
a) Read one textbook.
b) Write a shorter paper, test, or other activity required by the instructor.
c) Enroll in the next class 60‐90 days ahead of the first lecture. This will give you time to do pre class assignments if you manage your time wisely. There is also a need for 60 days in advance to order textbooks.
(30 hours in class for 2 credit hours. An estimate of 10 hours to read the textbooks. 30 hours for assignments and study. Some students will require more time than others.)

What is the cost of each class and registration policy?

Please note that this is a non‐profit service to our members. We will email the info to you upon request.
• Credit students sign up at least 60 days before class starts. Audit students sign up at least 7 days in advance.
• Contribute a one- time non‐refundable application fee of 200rmb.
• EVERY PORTION of the application form has to be complete to be counted as registered. Especially the transcript (a list of classes and grades of their bachelor degree) and names & emails of referees.
You will be scheduled for an interview with the Seminary Director.
You may be required to purchase the required textbooks online or ship from overseas.
• Please note that this is a non‐profit service to our members. We will email the info to you upon request.

To obtain an application form, please email equippingcenter@bicf.org

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To register for a course or inquire more about the equipping center contact equippingcenter@bicf.org