Welcome to Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD)

If you work in CBD, live here, or would just like to visit, you are more than welcome to join us at BICF CBD. Our venue is located in the heart of CBD. Right here, surrounded by thriving commerce, businesses, and influential decision-makers, we gather as a community to pray, study the Word of God, and get equipped to live as salt and light in Beijing.

Through REAL FRIENDSHIPS and A WARM FELLOWSHIP with JESUS AT THE CENTER, we seek to make an impact in Beijing, one family/ one colleague/ one friend at a time.

We gather for Sunday services on most Sundays at 11 am. Our fellowship is small and intimate, and we might take a Sunday off every now and then for special occasions such as Chinese New Year when we might do something else together – so be sure to connect with us to ensure you don’t come to closed doors for your first visit. Contact:

Our community is international and consists of people from many nations. We are English-speaking, but if a Chinese-speaking fellowship would be a better fit for you we’d be happy to help get you connected.

Philosophy of ministry:

We believe that all followers of Christ are part of his people, also called his Body. Jesus Christ himself is the head, and we are the members. Each plays a vital part, whether it be small or great, visible or invisible. So whether you may want to teach Sunday school, brew coffee before service, play piano during worship, or simply be a caring friend in the community, we hope that you will feel right at home with us and bless us with your unique contribution to the fellowship.