HuTong Church

HuTong Church

What is HuTong

The word “hutong” originates from the word “hottog” which means “well” in Mongolian. Villagers dig out a well and inhabited there. Hutong means a lane or alley, in fact the passage formed by lines of siheyuan (a compound with houses around a courtyard) where old Beijing residents live.

why HuTong Church

The leadership team at City Church recognizes that for many who live on the Western side of this huge city getting to church on a Sunday can be a big challenge. Furthermore, as we find ourselves reaching seating capacity with our current space it makes sense we offer our Beijing Christian community as well as those who are perhaps seeking Jesus a more viable option.

What Do we believe?

  • H – Hearts centered on Christ
  • U – United in the belief in the inerrancy of Scripture
  • T – Together Raising up Leaders and Disciples
  • O – Obediently advancing the Kingdom mandate
  • N – Not for self but for God’s glory
  • G – Growing in the ministry of prayer and God’s gifts

Our vision

Equipping people to become passionate kingdom servants.

HuTong service Vs third Service at 1pm

In order to help prepare the Hutong leadership team, the third service is a training ground for leaders.  This means preaching, singing, ushering, production, etc will be co-led by the Hutong church leaders.  Certainly, joining the third service will give you a first-hand experience of the team. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to ask members of the leadership team. 

New Here?

We look forward to partnering together with you in the months ahead to advance God’s kingdom in Beijing and hopefully help each other to grow in spirit and in truth. Please scan the QR code below to connect to us and receive the latest news and information!

*Hutong Church will be hosting a community event later in the Spring and we hope to begin having a prayer meeting and bible study time. Please fill out the form so we can send you more information in the coming weeks.