Moms In Prayer

Moms In Prayer

Moms in Prayer is a weekly, one-hour meeting to intercede on behalf of our children, family, and schools through prayer. Come as you are. Commit to the hour. Make arrangements to occupy your children. Avoid distractions. Silence your phone.

What do you need:
 • A Bible
 • Prayer sheet (provided by the leader)

How do we do it:

• The Core Format and Method
• 4 steps to prayer
• Praise 8 – 10 mins
• Silent Confession 2 – 3 mins
• Thanksgiving 10 mins
• Intercession 35 mins
• One Accord Praying – agreeing together as directed and energized by the Holy Spirit
• Praying scripturally
• Praying specifically
• Evangelism praying

We maintain strict confidentiality – what is prayed for in the group, stays in the group.

We do not share prayer requests. We talk to God directly about it.

To join Moms in Prayer, please contact