HuTong Church – Core values

HuTong Church – Core values

How are we Going to Build Hutong Church?

As a multicultural congregation, we want to welcome members from every nation centered around our love for Christ and each other as we press on to grow more in Christ likeness every day.

As Beijing is changing very quickly as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Hutong Church will strive to take a dynamic and flexible approach to church. It is clear the old way of doing things will likely no longer work.

As an expat church, we will strive to promote the well-being of the city and our community by actively engaging with organizations and businesses, We will also strive to use different social media and other platforms to support expats and engage with them – in particular with schools and universities as circumstances may permit.

Hutong Church will be an intentionally missional and Kingdom minded church

Evangelization – It is essential as we engage with the community through joining different community events and perhaps volunteering in community based organizations and through building relationships sharing the Gospel as we are gospel-centered and intentional in our efforts to lead the lost to Christ and to salvation

Baptism – Discipling new believers in faith through discipleship classes and small groups so that they will make a commitment to serve Jesus the rest of their lives as they die to self and rise to a new life through the waters of Baptism

Discipling – Teaching young believers core doctrine through disciple classes focused on the core tenets of faith and needs define the curriculum so that they will have a clear understanding of the key doctrines of Christian faith and be able to share and defend their faith with confidence and boldness.

Mentoring – Raising up new leaders who can take on greater responsibilities in the church and eventually reproduce in the lives of other believers by having them take on an active role in running the church under the guidance of senior leaders and also in leading small groups and other branches of church ministry as they show they are ready to do so.

Sending Forth – Being intentional in training up of disciples and leaders to go forth into the world after their time in Beijing comes to an end to impact their future homes for the Kingdom of God. As one of the best ways to raise committed Christian servants is to have them actively serve in the church and the community, Hu Tong Church will seek to have as many members as possible serving in different ministries to help them grow in their giftings and faith.