Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery

Do you struggle with habits you just can’t break?

Are you still hurting from the pains of the past? Maybe you’re looking for a way to break free from perpetual sin. Celebrate Recovery could be the place for you. Celebrate Recovery is a biblical-based 12 step program focused on how we can live a life free from the sins and habits of the past and walk in obedience to Christ. 

When we are talking about sin habits, we have to see the lie and Jesus as our solution. He is the one who does the work in us but we have to daily, sometimes moment by moment,  work in stepping away from the lies and into the truth. 

A CR Step Study isn’t like a normal small group. These meetings are extremely structured and focused on sharing from work we’ve done through the week. There is an expectation of a six-month commitment to doing the weekly homework, weekly meetings, and mentorship commitments. We are interested in real lasting change so we are committed to doing the work to get there. 

If you’re interested in joining a Celebrate Recovery Step Study BICF City Church has studies starting in April. For registration please click on the link here.

Take a look at the testimonies below.

“CR helped me see that freedom from sin starts with God’s truth in my own life. I grew up in a Christian home where we went to church 3 times a week. A start to life I’m so thankful for but because of hurt from family and damaging abuse, my views were skewed. I knew all the things I wasn’t supposed to do but not how to keep from doing them. I struggle with codependent relationships so I was always looking for people to satisfy the need that only God can satisfy. My thought life was a mess. I would obsess over what people were thinking about me and anxiety was a constant companion.

As a result, I looked to distractions to comfort me. Living my life through fantasy. I was reading books, watching movies, and that then turned to pornography and lust. I understand the need to “treat yourself” for self-care but with these “treats” I was attempting to treat pain and suffering on my terms and that is idolatry.

After years of being unable to get rid of sin on my own, I found Celebrate Recovery. Through CR I learned the importance of looking to my Higher Power Jesus Christ as the way to real lasting peace. He is all the comfort I need. He freely offers this peace but when I’ve been in a pattern of looking to something else it takes real effort to seek and abide in it. When I stand in His truth I have a peaceful mind that doesn’t obsess about others. When I give my life over to His care and control I am free from my need to self-medicate and numb. My hurt is laid at the cross and I’m able to live, not perfectly, but freely in His power over sin.” – Rachael