How To Share Your Faith

How To Share Your Faith

Have you ever wanted to be more effective when sharing the Gospel?  

Do you feel like you need training, tips, or even encouragement when sharing?

At City Church we love Beijing, and we want to be a Church that is For the City, loving people, and sharing Christ with them.  So naturally, we want to become better and better at sharing our faith with others.

“How to Share Your Faith” is a course, which meets monthly, and teaches how to be more effective and confident when sharing the Gospel.  We learn everything from the gospel itself, to the strategies and processes of how to share it.  In this lesson, we will learn our next conversational technique that helps us to control the conversation, make our claim, and help people to see the truth. This lesson also reminds us to continue to do all things with grace and gentleness.

Date: Every 4th Tuesday

Time: 7 pm – 9 pm

Contact for more information.