Pastors Thoughts

Pastors Thoughts

by: TJ Johnson

Remember the pattern of Jonah: Go

Preach Pray Pity

The first obstacle to sharing our faith is God breaking through our rebellious, disobedient hearts to give us a passion for sharing His glory. This past week we heard God’s heart for the nations. In hearing God call Jonah to, “Arise and go,” we have heard Him call each of us to go as well. This is His attempt to break us for His glory, that His call might echo daily in our hearts and that His message might burn within us so that we become

weary of holding it.

The second obstacle to sharing our faith is our own ignorance as to what it means to go and preach the gospel. This is why the book of Jonah is so helpful for us. He has broken the first barrier to evangelism (go), now he will break the second barrier (preach). As we look at Jonah preaching (reluctantly) the gospel we will discover the basics of evangelism in hopes that EACH of us is equipped AS we go. May each of us have a passion to go, fully equipped for the task ahead.

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