Impact projects

Impact projects

Ongoing Projects:

New Hope Foundation

New Hope Foundation helps Children Welfare Institutes in China in the work that they do caring for the orphaned children with special needs. Those involved have done this by providing outstanding personal care and seeking medical treatment for the sick and medically fragile children in their care.

“Providing a caring and secure environment for orphaned infants and children with special physical and medical needs in China.”

Website: New Hope Foundation

Direct Giving Link: Donate | New Hope Foundation

Alyssa: Durban, South Africa

Urban Tribes is a church planting initiative designed to reach people in Africa’s fastest growing cities, with 11 projects now at various stages of development. Alyssa Viladiu is an Urban Tribes missionary who serves at Northplace Church, the Urban Tribes project in Durban, South Africa. Alyssa was baptized and discipled at City Church from 2016 to 2019 before being called to ministry and transitioning to Durban. Her role at Northplace includes serving on the pastoral staff team, developing discipleship programs, and supporting the kids and youth ministry.

Newsletter Archive: Alyssa’s Newsletter Archive

Direct Giving Link: AG Giving: Alyssa

Starfish Project

Starfish Project is a social enterprise that cares for vulnerable and disadvantaged women. Through our jewelry company, we help women establish independence and develop careers by providing education and safe work opportunities. We have employed over 180 women and served thousands through community service projects. 100% of all Starfish Project jewelry sales are reinvested into restoring hope to disadvantaged women and girls.

Stories of Hope: Stories of Hope – Starfish Project

Direct Giving Link: Give – Starfish Project

TICF: Tokyo International Christian Fellowship

TICF is an international Protestant church established in October 2019. They offer Japanese/English as well as Japanese/Chinese bilingual worship services every Sunday. Worship services are for those who would like to worship in Japanese, English, and Chinese. TICF Ikebukuro Church hopes to be a church where people can gather in peace in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Japanese/English Congregation: Tokyo New Life

Japanese/Chinese Congregation: TICF池袋教会

小白春天社会 Xiaobai Spring Society

Xiaobai Spring Society provides assistance to families of children with leukemia. Established in 2020, they seek to provide food, clothing, housing and transportation for those coming to Beijing for treatment. Offline projects include offering free classes for seriously ill children who come to Beijing for medical treatment, free kitchens in Beijing Boren Hospital, and temporary accommodation for patients on behalf of the China Children’s Mercy Association.

Alpha Zambia Prison Outreach

Through this project 24 Prison staff will be trained to run the Alpha course, and 2000 inmates will have the opportunity to have a personal encounter with our Lord Jesus as well as have access to a Bible library. We are looking forward to the testimonies of inmates receiving Christ and being filled with the Holy Spirit through this initiative. 

Information about prison outreach: Prisons – Alpha Africa

Unified Church Plant (Melbourne)

In June 2023 the Lord led Brett Warren and his wife Luna to plant an international church in Melbourne, Australia. The vision for this church is to be a community for every nation, every culture, and every background, where everyone belongs, and everybody’s unique differences are celebrated and shared with one another. Brett and Luna invite you to pray with them as they build a church where unity in Christ is a witness to the world, demonstrating that Jesus’ love never fails.