China Scholarships in Theology and Religion

China Scholarships in Theology and Religion

2023-2024 China Scholarships in Theology and Religion

One or two new postgraduate scholarships are offered for entry in 2023-2024: one in New Testament Studies and one in Systematic Theology or any other area of Christian theology. The purpose of these awards is to train outstanding scholars in biblical and theological studies at Oxford.

These scholarships will cover full overseas University and College fees plus a stipend equivalent to Oxford’s Clarendon Scholarships (and UK Arts and Humanities Research Council funding). This is expected to be in excess of £17,668 p.a. (the amount awarded for 2022-2023).  The Scholarship will be awarded for a period of up to four years (D.Phil., M.St.+D.Phil., or M.Phil.+D.Phil), depending on satisfactory progress towards the Doctorate.

Each award is conditional upon successful admission and continuous matriculation for a master’s or doctoral degree in the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford. A separate application for admission must be made to the University and a suitable College.

Selection will be based on academic merit and additionally in the following order of priority:

  1. Citizens of China who have the calling and demonstrable commitment to Christian teaching and scholarship in China.
  2. Applicants of Chinese descent who have the calling and demonstrable commitment to Christian teaching and scholarship in China.
  3. Any other applicants who have the calling and demonstrable commitment to Christian teaching and scholarship in Mandarin-speaking seminaries and/or pastoring Mandarin-speaking churches in Asia.

The Selection Committee reserves the final decision to grant or not to grant a scholarship even if the candidate has met the relevant criteria. There is no requirement for the Selection Committee to make known its reason for such a decision.

Applicants should submit (1) a curriculum vitae (2 pages max) together with (2) a covering letter explaining their eligibility, preparation and purpose for doctoral study at Oxford, their research interest and their intention for future scholarship and teaching either in China or in Mandarin-speaking seminaries elsewhere, or alternatively their intention to pastor Mandarin-speaking churches.

Both documents should be sent in an email attachment to before the closing date at 12 noon (UK time) on Friday 6 January 2023.  Candidates will be notified of the outcome before the end of March 2023.