Band of Brothers (BOB)




God has given us a mandate to go out and make disciples of all nations. Beijing is a melting pot filled with many people from different nationalities. It is our vision to EMPOWER Men of God to BUILD and STRENGTHEN their faith so that they can go forth and fulfill the mandate God has given us. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Our activities:

Step Back to Step Up - Men's Retreat 2017

As men, it is important for us to STEP BACK and find Rest in the Lord so that we can then move forward and press on for Christ. The sessions we will be looking at this year for the Conference are as follows:

1. STEP BACK Resting In the Lord
2. STEP OUT Finding/Fulfilling Your Purpose
3. STEP UP Being an Effective Leader
4. STEP IN Accountability

In looking at these four issues we are focusing on how we as men relate to: God, The World, Family, and Self.

Men's Retreat 2017
Time: Sept. 23-24
Cost: 500 RMB
Location: Goose&Duck Ranch
Register at:

Note: When Registering please provide copy of your passport.

Men's Breakfast:

We meet regularly once per month as Men of God to enjoy fellowship and food with each other but most importantly to EMPOWER and BUILD UP our faith through discussion about topics that may concern us as men.


Saturday August 19th from 9am-11am


Lily's Sanlitun Location
The Sanlitun restaurant is between the west side of the north village and the east side of XinDongLu.

Seek out the New Jenny Lou's and We are Just behind their building to the north 50M.

Closest Subway Station:
Tuanjiehu exit A the head toward the village

Contact: Aaron - 18511320970

This Month for our Breakfast we will be looking at a topic titled, A Slave Set Free. Our very own Aaron Clifford will be speaking.

This Topic is both sensitive and powerful as he will be sharing his testimony of How God's Grace has helped him overcome the struggles

he has had in his life.


Band of Brothers Social Events

Socials are events where we as men can just come together in an informal setting and develop lasting friendships.

These socials can be anything from sporting events, games in the park or even hikes.

It is our desire to see relationships grow and where men can just be themselves and just enjoy getting to know other like minded men.


Weekly Men's Ministry Opportunities

Monday: Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Beijing Evening Men's Class.

             “Men’s Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) will begin on Monday, September 11th, 2017 at the 21st century hotel in room 800.

             BSF meets each Monday night 7:10pm – 9:00pm for 30 weeks (Sept-May).

             This year's focus is on the Book of Romans. The theme is “Grounded in the Gospel. Transformed by Truth”.

             Wechat: Jonathan Mellen @Jonmellen76 to register or for more enquiry.”

Tuesday: Band of Brothers (BOB) Yizhuang

             We meet every other Tuesday from 7:00pm-9:00pm in SMIC LQ 1 building 3, door 1, apartment 701

             We are currently going through a book study of one of the minor prophets, Jonah

             Contact Miles Farthing, Cell: 13126652615 or WeChat: milesfarthing

Wednesday: Sons of Abraham.

            We are currently going through Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.

            We meet regularly from 6:00pm-8:00pm at BICF 21st Century: Room 600 & 700

Thursday: IMS

            We meet regularly at one of our brother's house and we are currently going through the series: UNITY in Christ

            contact for more details

Sunday: Filipino

            We have just started our men's small group. We will be meeting the 1st and 4th Sundays of each month from 4pm-5pm

            We will be meeting in room 200 and will be looking Patrick Morley's book The Man in the Mirror as well will be going through

            the 6 week Success That Matters Life Plan.

Upcoming Events:


August 19th: Men's Breakfast - Guest Speaker: Aaron Clifford

September 16th: No Breakfast

September 23 & 24: Men's Retreat - STEP BACK TO STEP UP
to register click here

October 21st: Men's Breakfast

November 18: Men's Breakfast

December TBD


You can view the content from this years Men's Conference by clicking here

Session titles include:
* Finding the Purpose for Your Life
* Finding Respect and Honor at Home
* Finding a New Best Friend in Your Wife
* Finding a Deeper Personal Relationship with God


Man In The Mirror

Books are still available. Email if interested in buying a copy.


Contact information for associated Men Ministries:

English (Sonrise & Celebration) Men’s Discipleship. Contact us at

African (AOM) Son's of Abraham. Every Wednesday, 6pm - 8pm at BICF office, Room 600 & 700. Contact us at

Sons of Abraham is a ministry aimed at equipping men with practical teaching to become authentic Godly leaders as husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, ministers, business persons, students, entrepreneurs, employees, and the light of the world. At AOM, we subscribe to the biblical based belief that the health of our society is determined by how well men are trained to contribute meaningfully to it.

Cantonese (CMC) Men’s Ministry Every Thursday, 7pm -9pm at Xin Wang Restaurant. Contact us at

Mandarin (IMS) Men’s Ministry, Contact us at

Men’s retreat (once in two years) Look out for our advertisement in the e-news or webpage.