Blessed as an Heir

Blessed as an Heir


1Here is what I have been saying. As long as your own children are young, they are no different from slaves in your house. They are no different, even though they will own all the property . . . 7So you aren’t a slave any longer. You are God’s child. Because you are his child, God gives you the rights of those who are his children.

What really makes the Christmas season special is the coming of Jesus Christ into the world to bring hope and joy. He redeemed us and caused us to become sons and daughters of God. We will discover that the coming of Christ brought us so much more than being adopted into God’s family. Today, let us look closer at how our status in God has changed from being slaves to becoming sons and daughters, and, ultimately, His heirs.

. Are there times when you act like a slave or servant more than a son or daughter of God? What are you going to do differently this week in light of knowing that you are a child of God?
. What promises are you holding on to as an inheritance from the Lord? What verses in the Bible are you standing on this season?
. Who among your friends and family needs to embrace his or her identity as a child of God and the inheritance we have in Him? Commit to find opportunities to preach the gospel to him or her.

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