Small Groups

Small Groups

SMALL GROUP…your family in Beijing!

BIG churches are great places. They can offer excellent preaching, teaching, wonderful music, and a wide variety of programs. But it’s also so easy to feel lost in a big church. Small Groups are designed to build relationships among a smaller community of believers, who become like family to one another. At BICF, we encourage you to get connected with a group who can become your family, your friends and prayer partners with whom you share your life.

What do we do in Small Groups?

• LEARN from Bible study, discussion and personal sharing.
• FELLOWSHIP with others both informally and planned social gatherings.
• CARE for each other through prayer, encouragement, and in practical ways when needs arise.
• GROW spiritually as you become an active part in the Body of Christ and begin reaching out to others.

What is a Small Group?

People who gather in small groups of 6 to 16 people who provide love, support, friendship and spiritual strength. Members are from our church, as well as friends, neighbors, relatives and coworkers who are invited to join in the adventure. Small groups meet in any location such as homes, restaurants, coffee shops, businesses or anywhere that is convenient for the members. Not everything we do has to be long term or involve bible study.

We follow the free market small group model where we focus on the felt needs and interest of the people – Bible study groups, special interest groups(dancing, golfing), learning a new skill groups(card making), evangelism groups(Alpha), Doing Ministry As a Team groups(drama ministry team), couples group etc.

What is the Format for Bible study small groups?

It is an informal and comfortable 1½-2 hours gathering at a member’s home. Most groups are guided through the study series using DVD programs, Bible study guides or personal sharing. It all depends on the maturity of the group.

The 4 Ws of Small Group meetings (What we do)

Welcome – Connecting with each other
Worship – Connecting with God
Word – God addressing us (focus on application)
Work – Share, pray, plan for reaching out

How do I get Connected in a group?

It’s easy. a) Go to the welcome counter at lobby after church service. The small group director or volunteers will give you a small group list and guide you to a Small group that is most suitable for you. b) Log on to our website – and obtain the Small group lists. Select a group that looks promising, email the small group leader to learn more about the group and arrange to visit a group meeting. Please feel free to try more than one group. Surely, there is one for you!