Hope is closer than you realize

Is life out of control?
Having problems adjusting to Beijing?
Do you think you may be a little depressed?

If you are looking for a place of confidentiality, new strategies to see positive change and growth in your life… look no further…BICF counseling ministry is that place to call.

What services do we provide?

The BICF Counseling Ministry aims to provide professional, pastoral or lay counseling to any person with a need. Our counselors either hold professional qualifications or have completed a training program to serve as lay or pastoral counselors. We also offer regular life building courses as well as counseling training. We provide counseling to adults, married and dating couples, children ( from age 7 onwards ) and adolescents in both English and Chinese languages.

When can counseling be helpful?

Counseling can help:
To improve relationship communication, to manage conflict, to cope with separation and loss, to adjust to a new culture, to find a healthy balance between work and family life., to work through painful and distressing emotions, to cope with and manage the diagnoses of a psychological or mental disorder, to prepare for marriage or to enhance your marriage.

Who are we?

The BICF Counseling Ministry is a Christian Counseling Service provided by the Beijing International Christian Fellowship (BICF). Our team of trained lay, pastoral and professional counselors come from different cultural backgrounds and each counselor brings a broad range of skills, training and experience to their work.

Our mission is to serve the BICF community by offering a safe and supportive counseling service to individuals, couples and families for a range of life, emotional and spiritual issues. We are dedicated to providing a well-established care service that builds, equips and embraces people of all nations to find their created potential.

Lay counselors are people who have undergone some training and are under supervision by a professional counselor.

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How to contact us?

For counseling inquiries, please send email to counsel(a) or call BICF office at 84543468 during office hours Tues, Weds & Thursdays 9 – 3pm

For local chinese counseling please, contact the Agape Centre on: #15321352056 or mail to