Men’s Retreat 2020 - GO DEEP

From August 14, 2020 9:42 am until October 18, 2020 11:42 am

Calling all men! Are you ready for Men’s Retreat 2020. What an eventful year so far! This is the perfect opportunity to get away for the weekend and focus on the Lord and fellowship. We have seen spiritual breakthroughs and friendships formed in previous years. Not to be missed!

We have been following the Next Stop series for our retreats and this year the theme is GO DEEP.

As we learn what it means to GO DEEP we will also learn how we as men are to be rooted in the word and how we can stand firm in our faith. When we have strong roots that go deep we will bear much fruit.

As men we need to learn how to be intentional, how to be committed and how to persevere for Christ. We will then begin to “take root below and bear fruit above” (2 Kings 19:30).

We have carefully considered the retreat this year and despite the challenges of Covid, we know how powerful it is for us to continue meeting together. So join us for another power-pact retreat.
Date: October 17-18
Location: Goose and Duck Ranch (Huairou, Beijing)
Cost: 600 RMB (Including accommodation, food and travel)